I got an N85, but I won’t review it

You may find that in the 2010’s it’s weird to talk about this unknown, non-touch mobile phone such as the n85. This is exactly the reason why I won’t write about it very much, except the next paragraph:

n85 image

I bought an n85 after my wedding, in 2009, to quickly have access to a GPS device while on the honeymoon trip (you know, fighting about whether turning right or left in a foreign country and foreign city is not recommended if you’re on your honeymoon). The 3 months of included free navigation was exactly what I needed, and then, .. there was Symbian.

I am starting this blog just because I am now far more knowledgeable regarding Symbian than I was a year before, and knowing the S60 3rd edition devices (thanks to http://gsmarena.com ) I found out that a lot of people around me have one. And they all under-use their phones.

So there it is.. I will stop talking about the particular model of my Symbian S60 3rd edition phone (referred also as S60 3.2 or Symbian 9.3), and I will start talking about how I use it, all of which should apply to other (if not all) same OS devices.

I will try to post every couple of days, telling you how to: customize your home screen, how to read your Gmail, how to get on facebook, use the phone as a flashlight, turn it into a router or use tethering, compose drum scores on it, record a whole gig through line-in, browse fast with Opera mini or the more ajax-y Opera mobile, navigating with offline maps, share pictures directly to Dropbox or Picasaweb, use it as a pedometer, a GPS tracker or simply as a GPS tachometer, broadcast FM music to your car’s radio and all the stuff you haven’t used (even copy-paste, task-switching, sending vcards and what not).

I will acknowledge the shortcomings though: S60 3.2 has no touch support, and the particular model I’m having has no digital compass or graphics accelerator. Give me a phone with these onboard (as an addition) and I’ll switch immediately.

Till then, I’ll teach you how to Symbian

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