Upgrading from C7 to 808

One and a half year later, the C7 i had replaced my n85 with received a strong signal of ‘last OS update’ from Nokia/Accenture. That would be Belle Refresh.

I very very much wanted to try the new staggered keyboard of Belle FP2 (altough I knew Swype would not be available for some time), and of course, I wanted an autofocus camera. With big sensor, this time. So I took the 808.

This is a very less disruptive upgrade from the previous one, with 808 only adding: great camera sensor with Xenon flash, HDMI out, ClearBlack coating (on non-Pentile AMOLED screen, 4 inches of it) and of course upgraded software.

483598_493833280656393_2013402534_n[3]In summary, here’s what’s lost when upgrading:

– 2mm charging

– separate power button

– pocketability


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