Ubuntu on phones uses QML

Isn’t this Qt? Ubuntu mobile is based on QML, which means that you can use your Symbian Qt development skills on it! Wish I had some:)

QML is another markup-esque, this time in the form of JSON, way of describing GUIs, in the line of Adobe’s Flex (MXML), Microsoft’s WPF/Silverlight/WinRT (XAML) and maybe most similar to JavaFX’s curly braces.GNU and Linux

Its interactivity is controlled by Javascript, in its V8 incarnation. I wonder, does QML under Symbian runs the same V8 engine? Maybe they should have used it for the platform browser too, given that it’s the slowest part and doesn’t match competition these days.

Oh well. I hope to see many more Joola/Sailfish, Ubuntu, Boot2Gecko, Meego/Maemo, Tizen or any free phones in 2013!
(I came to this conclusion, that If I ever drop my current preference of having a phone-tailored OS, it will be for an non-Java free-as-in-freedom phone.)

Until then, I still have time to enjoy my 808:)


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