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My first Symbian application: the missing Chronometer/Timer

After not being that impressed with Qt on S60 3rd edition (the non-touch Nokia GUI) and the QtCreator on Linux, things went only uphill.

A new version of QtCreator enabled me to develop for Qt 4.7.1 / QtMobility 1.1  which includes the Feedback API and.. voila! there goes my missing timer app: ChronoTimer is created

But since Qt 4.7.1 and QtMobility aren’t shipped for my n85 and no smart installer can be built by the Remote Compiler, I have to put them here too for you to download them. So, without further introduction:

Qt 4.7.1 installer (12MB)

Qt Mobility 1.1 (2MB)

ChronoTimer (12KB – Yup… static linking would have been nice…)

And now screenshots from the S^1 Simulator (it seems to be working on all Qt Simulator’s platforms):